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David Steinlicht

Thanks, sis!


HA-HA! I like your response (or "explanation") David. Go ahead and think we continue to ride you for ONE SINGLE afternoon if you'd like. WhenEVER it was your turn to "tidy up" after dinner, the kitchen would actually be "tied up," and for expansive periods of time.

But your dallying strategy worked for you. You finally got moved right out of the dish- washing rotation. I suppose we siblings should have resented you for leaving more work for the rest of us, but truthfully I don't remember it that way. Maybe we all just blasted through the dish washing routine to free the kitchen up earlier, and move on. You clearly saw things differently, and we probably felt more miserable for you than you did from your dallying. My own recollection is that I felt personal relief on your behalf when you got excused from dish washing!

It seems too bad that many of these growing up memories, such as divvying up chores amongst numerous siblings, are largely lost on younger generations. That's one reason it's such fun to saver them "In Your Corner."

xoxo R

David Steinlicht

Thanks, sis! I was hoping my siblings would enjoy this.

To everyone else: Well, there was this one Sunday afternoon when I was a kid. I was responsible for doing the Sunday meal dishes. It was a lot of dishes. Everyone left the house while I stayed behind with the dishes. When they got back three hours later I was not done with the dishes. I'm not even sure how I managed to not get the dishes done in that amount of time.

I still get ribbed about that day. I'm a completely different person now.


I really like your subtle humor and wanted to share. This comic finally motivated me in that direction. THANKS, David, for bringing back a flood of memories. I'm looking forward to many more.

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