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David Steinlicht


Regional bias? Guilty! I coulda used the Asian-restaurant lucky cat! That would have looked funny, I admit. But then how would that relate to the leprechaun? Maybe have Harry confront a three legged rabbit with a rabbit's foot?

But I thought holding a shamrock as one would hold a gun was kinda-sorta funny. And I've the Dirty Harry speech was seared into my brain at an early age. Put those two things together? Comedy bronze! Or maybe comedy lead.

Next time I'll have him say, "The most powerful good luck symbol in the tri-state area."

Steven Stwalley

* The caiman baby tooth is not so lucky for the woman in Nairobi, it should be noted. No, for her it is not so lucky at all.

Steven Stwalley

The most powerful symbol of good luck in the world? More than a crude severed rabbit foot, certainly. When perusing the lucky horseshoe, the experience is indeed tainted when pondering the suffering of the horse lost it... are we indeed only benefiting from finding his lost luck? But what about the humble, yet rare, four-leafed clover? What is it you so dislike about it, sir? Furthermore, Mr. Steinlicht, I do believe you are displaying a regional bias! The world is a big place after all! Have you not observed the pervasive white cat with one paw lifted innumerable asian restaurants? This is to say nothing of the awesome power of a caiman's first baby tooth to a man in Nairobi.

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